TIP: You can double click a card to place it on the board without dragging.

Draw cards from your deck into your hand, then play them onto the board.  Submit them to gain color points based on their values.  Use your color points to upgrade your deck and earn points even faster.  Add cards to your deck to increase your power!


● Earn points based on the value

× Multiply the value of any card it points at by its value (temporarily)

✂ Removes the card it points at from your deck

+ Upgrades the value of any card it points at (permanently)

↻ Adds persistence to any card it points at (They'll stick around as long as they have persistence points left)

It's a bit rough around the edges, but I enjoy the late game mechanics of either using persistence to constantly game money, or upgrading your cards with clever plays.

Hope you have fun!

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I accidentally cut all my green cards and I guess there is no way to get them back except reset. :(



thought this was endgame until i saw the comments of people having absurdly high multipliers and stats (i mean but it kinda gets boring from here, and all i have left to do is grind for infinity)

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Thanks for playing! Yes, the content included in the POC was rather short for incremental game standards.  Burned too much time getting the basic mechanics to work, not enough time left to produce content.  Looks like you took it about as far as it goes :)

What brought you here if you don't mind me asking?

another game that linked to this

i forgot what its called

Cool concept, but I really wish there was a way to remove scissor cards from your deck. I accidentally picked one up thanks to a misclick and it keeps whittling away an otherwise fantastic deck whenever I try leaving it on autoplay

Thanks for playing! Valid feedback, though honestly I haven't touched this since the jam.  What brought you here if you don't mind me asking?

Incremental Game Jam Game by Semenar! I found it on the popular incremental games list, and it linked me to both this and a bunch of other game jam entries. It was genuinely interesting to see the range of concepts people game up with, and yours was definitely one of the more unique ones! Considering what you made it for though, I don't fault you for not touching it since posting XD

buy another and point them each other

I ended up using a second scisor card, because you can make them get each other at the same time

I know this is old but you can remove scissors by having 2 scissors point at each other.

But restricting scissors from autoplay is a good feature, though I never actually bought autoplay/autosubmit, I just had 2 4directional + and one of each colored card (and one multiplier in every direction, didn’t come accross multidirectional multipliers) and I knew letting autoplay randomly place it would have made it very unoptimal




yes i definately broke it

I'll take it



Would appreciate a simple colorblind patch, to add R, G, or B or some unique shape to the cards, so I can tell the difference in the colors. Otherwise, a very interesting take on incremental.  good work.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you like it and appreciate the accessibility suggestion. I'll see if I can give each color point card a unique shape instead of all circles.

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I figured it out, but it was a little confusing.  I wish i had a suggestion to make it more clear.  What does it mean to "store a card submit?"  The use of the word "store" to mean a place to buy things (in the upper right) makes sense, the use of the word "store" presumably to mean to save the submit does not make sense to me.  I would love a mention in the instructions.

Glad you figured it out!  It could definitely be more straightforward :) It means store in the sense of "storage"

I don't think it needs modification - I'm just a moron!  Love the game!!

you are

I beat the game! Infinity everywhere


Besides a fix for the late game numbers going off the cards I'd like to see some way to modify the arrows on the cards. That way I'd be able to fine tune my card layouts.


I broke it; I can't enter the shops anymore. That means I win, right?


Oh, there goes the submit button, and most of the draw button.

Interesting concept, lategame balance is quite broken though, being able to loop back upgraders into each other + a high level persist