Place tiles to connect them in loops to score points. The more corners in the loop, the more points you get.  You must place before the timer runs out, or you'll lose a life and have the board cleared!  

You'll get a special tile every once in awhile that will clear an unfinished loop if you make a mistake.


Along the bottom of the game, you'll find the following items in order:

1. Next tile

2. Held tile

3. Score

4. Loop count

5. Lives


Arrows/WASD to move

Space to place a tile

QE or ZX to rotate the tile

C or R to hold the tile or swap it with your currently held tile.

P to pause, M to mute, and G to disable background effects


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This is a great puzzle game. Simple mechanics that open up to a world of possibilities. I like how larger, more awkward blocks are gradually introduced to the game as you progress. The graphics and sound are all very evocative of the kind of retro Tron-inspired  look you were going for. Great work! :)

Very addictive game, i cannot interrupt myself.
Try release this for mobiles.

I'm glad you like it! You can play on mobile at https://dwhiffing.github.io/lightcycle