You have arrived at the base of the tower of the corrupted King!

You will start at the base and must forge a path to the top.

Use your trusty dice to attack enemies and defend yourself.

After each fight, you can add a new die to your arsenal.

You will get opportunities to improve your power as you ascend.

Make it to the 15th floor and destroy the King's protector!

An x on the corner of a die means it's twice as effective.

Double click a die to use it quickly.

Good luck!


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The game makes a simple yet interesting and pleasant use of the dice premise.
The progression is linear, intuitive and the experience smooth while presenting the player with an increasing level of chalenge.

Personally I'd suggest the dice abilities to be able to be draged and droped on the enemies or the player which i think would smothen the gameplay since thle player would only need to click once, speeding the player round.

I found no bugs while playing, the game has a polished impression.

I'll not comment too elaborately on the art since it says that it was not done by you, but think that it was well chosen, presents itself consistently and is properly assignd to the enemy tipes througout the game.

It was a good experience, good work.

Thanks for playing and for your thoughtful and kind feedback :) 

I very much liked this game, the artstyle is really cool and the combat system is well worked out. Sound effects could've been a nice addition but seeing as the game is so well made it doesn't really matter.


Thank you for playing! I'm surprised someone played my game already :D Was dying to add sound effects but I was just too darn ambitious with the scope.  Have a great day!